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Howdy Y’all!

Welcome to the official SaddleStrings Website.  Kick yer boots off, we sure hope that you enjoy your stay.  Feel free to make yourself at home. 

Rustle up a tale on our story page, see our upcoming events, buy our albums, check out what’s new, book us for an event or just a family get together, or just share some info about yourself, by sending us an e-mail (or snail mail, if you prefer).

email: saddlestrings@earthlink.net


Photography by: Eros Hoagland


This is what we look like>>>


SS on Antelope Island 2011
Photography by Neets

5800 South 5900 West * Hooper, UT 84315 * (801) 985-9661 * for bookings: (801) 547-2527.